Reset code Nokia C3-01

How to reset Nokia C3-01 mobile

Reset code Nokia C3-01

When your Nokia C3-01 meet any permanent difficulty, you need to totally reset your current Nokia C3-01 phone. Right now there are a couple of methods in order to execute the reset on the phone, the hard set and soft reset.

Hard reset Nokia C3-01

To perform a hard reset on the C3-01, press *#7370# and also press Dial. The mobile phone will request the security code which is 12345 by default. Since the hard reset will certainly remove all data in your phone, you should backup important data before performing a hard reset.

Soft reset Nokia C3-01

When you want to make a soft reset to your Nokia C3-01, you need to press *#7780# and then Dial. The default security code is 12345. When you do this, your phone will come back to original factory status, but you will not loose personal data. It is better to make a backup before executing any kind of reset.

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